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Nathan Miller is an artist based in Costa Rica.  He recently shared a series of photos of the beautiful animals of Costa Rica that he ultimately plans to turn into paintings.

In making this photo, Nathan says:

“I traveled to Las Pumas Wildlife Rescue Center, in Cañas, where the most beautiful and endangered species of Costa Rica can be found. To capture this photo I had to photograph through a caged fence in such a way that the fence itself would disappear. I zoomed in on the jaguar’s face as he was peering through another fence at deer grazing from the other side.”


The Jaguar is the largest feline in the western hemisphere, and the third largest in the world after the tiger and the lion.  I’m not sure if I would want to see one of these in the wild! Well, maybe if I had my camera ready… 😉


More from the Las Pumas Wildlife Rescue Center and the Wild Felines of Costa Rica, from GreenNoise:

More from Nathan Miller Fine Art:

Addition July 22, 2013: Nathan has a new website, check it out at:


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