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Parade for Nosara Fiestas

Pinar writes: Here is an image from the Nosara Fiestas parade. I remember that day being very pleasant and extremely warm. Students of the summer school walked downtown Nosara, bringing lots of colors and voice to the streets.


    Found goodies on a beach stroll…

A natural arch

Nosara, Costa Rica.

A slice of life

Yesterday, while I was chasing after some photos for an assignment, I ran into this loevly family in Santa Teresita community. Mother and the son were just sitting in the river and chilling with the two of their dogs. They have six dogs. I asked her why they had so many. She said it makes

Road to a sunset

I got to spend cinco de mayo with some friends at Carillo Beach. On our way back, we had the opportunity to witness this epic sunset, hiding behind a dust cloud. It was a good day.

Allegria Music School

Majesty in nature

When I first came across this scene, my immediate reaction was about how sad the horse looked. He is really skinny, hanging out behind barbed wires right by a busy road. After I took a moment there to watch him, I noticed how gorgeous he was actually. This is the last frame of the take.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Wandering around Nicoya yesterday,  I ran into her. If you know me a little bit, you  know how I am into Guadalupe. She is my favorite character in Catholism. Whenever I see a depiction of her, I try to make a picture of it. This house was located right in front of Nicoya cemetery. She