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Resting amid the corn plants during a mid-morning hike. Photo location: Guanacaste, Costa Rica    Credit: Oriana Photography |  


Towards the end of a recent family portrait session in Playa Guiones, Nosara, I asked if they would be interested in trying out some silhouetted photographs (where you see the outline/shadow of the person but no detail of the face). Here’s one that we came up with on the spur of the moment, and felt

Bull ring

The Fiestas are a Costa Rican tradition, particularly popular in Guanacaste.  This weekend Ostional (twenty minutes north of Playa Guiones) celebrated with their annual Fiestas, featuring bull riding and running from the bulls in the ring.  Here is one of the photos.  Enjoy! Photo Credit: Oriana Fowler | Oriana Photography

Happy Bridesmaids, beach wedding Nosara

This photo was taken directly after the ceremony of a destination beach wedding here on the beaches of Nosara. I asked the bridesmaids to run up the beach and back towards the camera. The light was a perfect soft color  that complemented the fabric of their dresses, I loved how the series of photos came

Cowboy 2

Hello! Here’s another image from the Esperanza Fiestas this weekend.   Giovanni rides the white horse Aztec, and gets ready to throw the lasso. Photo by Oriana Photography (follow on Facebook)

Music Night at Gilded Iguana

Patrick Cooke, of the new band “Pelada Dogs” performs at the Gilded Iguana’s Tuesday music night. Pelada Dogs is a relatively new band on the scene, and this was their second time performing, and dominating, the popular Tuesday music night.  Way to go, Pelada Dogs! Photo Credit:  

Playa Guiones, Nosara beach – Panorama

Today I went out shortly before sunset and created these panorama images showing low tide at Playa Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica.  Low tide can be a fun time to photograph, as the beach becomes so large and covered in wet, reflective sand. Click image to view at slightly larger size. To license images like this


Getting ready to get out the lasso, at the Esperanza Fiestas. Photo Credit: Oriana Fowler