Monthly Archive:: June 2013

Thursday: Father and Son

What a cutie pie!   Photo by Oriana Photography

Wednesday: Making Art

This is a photo I took last year when I visited the local pre-school, CEN (Centro Educativo y Nutrición), in Nosara town.  They were having a special art class and were engaged and focused on the project. It can be a real treat to photograph young children — when it goes well, they’ll volunteer pure

Tuesday – Tennis

An athlete in the Nosara area has options —  you can enjoy rigourous yoga, Pilates mat and reformer, boxing with Tiger Brenda, circuit training, there’s even a motocross track — and tennis!  This morning I visited this tennis court where Dan Mainzer was preparing to teach a tennis lesson.  It was quite beautiful to be

A photo with a quote: Curiousity

  “I have no special talents.  I am only passionately curious.”  ~Albert Einstein Photo Credit: Oriana Photography  

Guest Post: Jaguar | Panthera onca

Nathan Miller is an artist based in Costa Rica.  He recently shared a series of photos of the beautiful animals of Costa Rica that he ultimately plans to turn into paintings. In making this photo, Nathan says: “I traveled to Las Pumas Wildlife Rescue Center, in Cañas, where the most beautiful and endangered species of

Friday: Delicious Pipa

  Oh! The deliciousness of mouthwateringly-fresh coconut water!  This is a little cart that one of our local vendors uses to sell agua de pipa. It reminds me of an ice cream cart from a hot summer day in Chicago and gives me a similar nostaglic feeling.   🙂

Wednesday: Cows Running

Seeing cows on the road is an everday sight, but I don’t always see them running.  I drove ahead and stopped the car by this ditch, anticipating that the cows would run and leap over the ditch.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  The cows slowed down to cross the uneven ground, and *then* kept running.

Tuesday: People at the Rainbow Organic Farmer’s Market

Every Tuesday morning from 7:45 – 11:00am people flock to the Rainbow Organic Farmer’s market in Playa Guiones, Costa Rica.    The market has an assortment of organic greens, fruits, snacks, and even more diverse staples such as cheese and fish.  It’s a nice spot to visit, and its located right on the road to Playa