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Guest Post: Dragonfly 2 by Laura Florence Upton

Oriana says: Today we share another awesome photo from Laura Florence Upton.  You can click the photo to view it at a larger size.  Look at the colors on that face! Awesome detail on the wing, and you can even see the hairs (spikes?!?) on the dragonfly’s legs.  Thank you, Laura! Back to HomePage

Guest Post: Dragonfly by Laura Florence Upton

Laura says: I was wandering around my garden photographing the flowers when this dragonfly landed in front of me. It stayed there and posed for me for about 10 minutes. I probably snapped around 150 photos before it flew away!

Building in Decay

Photo by Oriana Photography – click image to view larger size Oriana says: I see this building near the soccer field in Nosara town center.  It was never finished and it remains in an abandoned state of construction.   In making this image I considered perspective and framing. I was drawn to photograph the building

Waterdrops 2

Photo by Oriana Photography – Click image to view at larger size Oriana says: Experiments in image-making involving my camera and splashing in a pool.  Asking for trouble?? 🙂


Photo by Oriana Photography Oriana says: In making this photo, I was able to appreciate something beautiful, perhaps more attentively because I was looking through my camera.     Browse more photos. . . back to Nosara Daily Photo Homepage

Spa nestled in jungle

Oriana says: It’s Saturday, so I thought I’d put the idea of pampering out there.  This sign is for Spacio Spa, nestled in Playa Guiones at The Frog Pad.   I like all of the green, it feels relaxing to me.

Guest Post: Drummer at Nosara Fiestas

Today we share another photo from Pinar.  About this image she writes: This is an archive image from the 2013 Nosara Fiestas. I made a picture of this drummer after seeing the folder he was keeping his notes in. On the cover he had a photograph his daughter. I thought that was a really sweet

Guest Post: Whole Fried Fish from Tia Luna

Oooo, yum!!  Pinar writes: This has been my favorite combination for dinners in my last few weeks in Nosara. Tia Luna really does have the best whole fried fish I have ever had. And of course flan de coco. Brilliant cooking!