Monthly Archive:: April 2013

Ride Giant

This past Saturday, I was in Playa Carillo, photographing the 12th La Soledad mountain bike race. While sitting around waiting for racers to finish, I came across this ironic scene. i wish there was some ghuman element to this photograph but it is still pretty nice to see.

In The Water by Matt Vaughan

A gorgeous water shot from Matt. He said, “friday, I met with Alfredo & Luigi to get some water shots in south guiones. The waves werent the best but we were able to get a few decent shots. This is Alfredo midturn, trying to come as close as possible to me.”

Cactus by Laura Florence Upton

Laura Florence Upton continues to bring us closer to the details of nature that most of us probably don’t even recognize. I really enjoy how the subject of this photograph is isolated from its surroundings with a little play of light. Upton said, “I like to search in the jungle and see if I can

Being a child

Although  we have already published this photograph at The Voice of Nosara website, I would like to bring it back to light. It is one of my favorite pictures I made this time around. For me this photograph is associated with being free, being happy, being worry-free and light. Children are just awesome.

More surf

Here is another shot from my first time of shooting surf. I personally quite enjoy seeing multiple surfers on one wave. Sharing is cool. Photo credit: Pinar Istek

Vine by Laura Florence Upton

Here is a macro shot of a vine by Laura Florence Upton. I found it mesmerizingly beautiful. And you can get to read what she had to sya about it below. Enjoy this beauty! Enjoy this day! There’s a lot of wildlife in the jungle and many photographers only focus on the “big ticket” subjects

Sunday surf

Thanks to Matt Vaughan, i got to shoot some surf for the first time this past Sunday. It is quite different from the things and sports that i am used to shooting. But it was definitely fun.

Moto by Oriana Fowler

Here is the second contribution from Oriana Fowler (the first is pictured about her interview, here). About her photo, she says, “a motorcycle and the beach at sunset — both considered daily parts of Nosara life for many who live here.”