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Semana Santa Bonfire

Last night, the Catholic Church in Nosara town had a service around a bonfire by the river for Easter. So here is the image that stuck with me from the night.

Semana Santa Parade

Here is a shot from the Semana Santa walk in Nosara town yesterday. Here soldiers were preparing Jesus to be crucified. Toward the end ofthe program Jesus character actually passed out due to hanging off the cross and heat.


Here is another plant that you can commonly see just walking around in this area. It is called raspa. Apparently, its leaves can be used to clean the dishes. The older the plant is the better the sponge effect it has. Next time, you see one of these, give it a touch. The texture of

Pachamama/The Mother Earth

Since I have started visiting Nosara back in 2010, I had been hearing about the Pachamama community in San Juanillo. This year I finally got to cover a festival, La Familia there. I have to admit it was quite an experience for me, being completely new to the scene. According to their own website, Pachamama

Typical dance from Nicoya

I made this picture totally out of some confusion. I was in Nicoya to photograph something about the new plaza being passed on to the municipality. I thought this dance show was organized to celebrate what was happening. While shooting the show, I noticed there was no one around from the municipality. After a quick

Rainbow Organic Market

Made it to the Rainbow Organic market around noon today. This was what was left. I am gonna have to wait for a week to get the delicious good i was hoping to get.

Kevin Montiel In Detail

As a photographer, I love looking for and shooting details. I think they add to the intimacy of the visual stories. This shot is from the final leg of Triple Crown Surf Contest. Local talent Kevin Montiel was cleaning the wax off of his board after surfing the junior category early in the day. Being

Garza marathon

Shot this photo during Garza Fiestas marathon for a possible assignment but it never got published. As you may know Garza Fiestas got heavily affected by the winds and had to be delayed for a about a week. Thankfully the run was organized before the winds swept everything up. This run was important and unusual,